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[ s/2 ] religion ; This world is a mirage

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religion ; This world is a mirage

 This world is seen as a small composition in this entire universe, the attraction is mine. This world attracts itself to every human being residing here, that is, keeps on dragging towards it. There is no end to this attraction of the world, if it is said in a way, it resides in the desire to be aspiring, craving, lust and some other. The more aspirations and desires will be in the human mind, the more attraction to the world will be. Even after all this, this world has neither been anybody nor is it going to happen, because it is a virtual reality, as well as a realization of virtual happiness. This is the reason that it is so true that someone has found happiness here, and will not even get it.

  Diversity in world's attractions

 Every human being has a deep fascination towards the world and it can be of various types of attraction like the attraction of wealth. This world is the center of attraction of money for those who wish to get the money. Many creatures of this world make many attempts to fulfill the desire to attain wealth. The cube of every man also has different desires. Someone should have money so that he can buy jewels and valuables. By keeping his life full of luxuries and splendor. Some men want money for the fulfillment of various types of programs, for the sake of any taste, and some require money to fulfill other purposes.

 Wealth is not the end of attraction

  The charm of money never ends, because the human mind is fickle. Therefore, there is also a different kind of attraction towards wealth. One can never attain salvation from the person, in his life, the attraction. This fact can also be interpreted in such a way that, if anybody gets enough money to fulfill "any requirement" then his desire for money should be over, but after a need is fulfilled, he Again again, it needs to be felt again to fulfill the desires of the other desires. After this he again becomes attached to fulfillment of other desires. The reason for this is that as soon as the money is realized, his desire also increases as it is because there is no end to human crabs. That is why this endless search of her never ends. The world lives in this endless search. By trapping the same attraction of the world, it gradually ends its life.

 Mirage is the world

 The way the distraught deer from thirst in the desert, due to misconception, is known as the source of water to the sand dunes, and wanders around its life, in the same way the creatures trapped in different types of desires also wandering in their fulfillment. Ends your life. There is no end to the fulfillment of these greedy tendencies of man. After the fulfillment of a desire, the start of his second desire begins. As soon as one desires of one's desires are filled with intensity and intensity, the attraction towards him also increases. This craze or desire of man never ends

  Nothing gets free

 Everyone knows that nothing in the world is available free of cost. To get something like this, there is also something to lose. In the same way, human beings have to pay a small or big price for it. Sometimes a human seems to have got some things, but he has not paid any price to it. But this can only be a kind of confusion. It may be that he feels directly at it that he has not paid any price for the fulfillment of any desire. But he has to pay his payment through his virtues.

  Theory of Sadhana

 One important principle of sadhana related to this subject is that, the power of the person and the power of the penance is flowing in that direction in which the thoughts and expressions flow in it. This is the reason that when the attraction of the world increases in the mind of man, then its energy also begins to be employed in the same direction. Therefore, when every human being has to pay its price to him, then the illusion that happens to him will be broken.

  Payment of prices unimportant

 That is why when one thinks that he has not paid the price of fulfillment of his desire, then his worth bowels his value. That is why a man should understand that he believes in happiness in this world only, but here there is no happiness. The accumulated virtues in household life end up paying the price of the desires.

 Worldly matters

 The world is the meaning, the delusional mind wandering in search of happiness. That is why you should try to get out of this illusion as soon as possible. It is only one way that a person should realize his mistake. Once it is realized, by selecting the path of penance again, one day can be free from the attraction of the world. That is, the world can get salvation from the mirage.

 The end

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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 Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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