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[ t/2 ] religion ; Concentrate mind is the only meditation

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       religion ; Concentrate mind is the only meditation

 It is an insignificant idea of ​​our Sages and Munis that, the mind is refined by meditation. Carefully cleanliness and cleanliness of the mind. But when one's mind does not feel in meditation, then a problem arises. A lot of people complain about this problem, they do not feel like them. This happens only when the mind wanders around here, does not remain stable. If it is considered seriously, then it seems that for meditation, the mind and body are not ready. The reason for this is that our body has some habit, which keeps us distracted by meditation. Some of these individual habits are not conducive to meditation. Our body and mind are not prepared for meditation as a result.

  Change habit

 To concentrate, the concentration of our mind is required. But this is possible only when our body is light and flexible, so that the meditation can be immersed in it for a long time. To assimilate the energy that is generated by the body, it is absolutely essential to realize this. When someone is unable to do this for any reason, then people leave their meditation after being frustrated. If we are seen casually, then our body has certain habits, while meditation is not included in these habits of body. Meditation is a new task, which we have to indulge in, so that our mind can concentrate fully and complete this task.

 Enter new direction

 As has been explained earlier, the habit of our body is linked to us regularly, if there is a deviation in this way, then the body and mind easily catch new habits. For example, our body has a deep habit of eating. Everyone knows that it is such a habit that starts from the day before birth, and persists till the end of life. Because without it it can not be life. The existence of our whole life stands on this habit only. If we want to change the habit of our mind and body, then we must first relax the deepest habit. In this regard, the inauguration of this fact will be very contemporary. Our ancient sage Muni used to perform a compound, which is called "sun gazing". After achieving success in this, he did not need food for months. Similarly, after relaxing the habit of other habits, the future habits of the body become entangled and allow the body to enter the new direction easily.

   Our body is a bio computer

 Our body is also a part of a computer, in which if some data is put in smooth manner, then it starts walking accordingly. If we have to run the body in a new way, then for the refining of the mind, it will have to put new data in that body type computer. In this way our old habits will be changed to new habits. The way food is needed for the body but not for the health, in the same way our old habits are not needed, they must be replaced by new habits.

  Sensual restraint

 After changing the body into a new form, which is the second important thing, it is to maintain restraint on the senses. In today's modern era, our lifestyle has become contaminated. Due to which the senses are burdened with excessive requirement. It needs to be considered, there is a need to make changes accordingly. How much we see from the eyes, how much we speak by mouth and how much unnecessary things we hear from the ears, abandon them, listen to less, speak and try to see. In other words, we must keep our senses in our control. In this way, when we become clearer to our senses then our mind will start alerting us before doing anything wrong. The way we are sitting inside our minds, the factors that deceive the mind, will automatically remove from us. After attaining such a situation, the problem of not feeling inclined towards meditation will be solved by itself.


 Every creature in this world has the problem of stress in almost every moment. The stress that enters our mind, enters the maximum through our eyes. The strain of eyes is harmful to the brain. So if we practice our eyes to relax and relax, tension will be removed from our body. In this way, we will become destructive, and we will also get peace. Similarly when we talk too much or listen to too much music, then their brightness makes them suffer from stress. Often, most of the talk that people talk about is superfluous, they should try to avoid them. Therefore, we have to control speech and hearing senses. Its simple solution is that we keep ourselves relatively silent and speak as necessary. Apart from this, try to stay away from the stubbornness of the strong white.

  In this way, with the restraint of the senses, we will save our destructive energy. This remaining energy will be able to prepare us for meditation. Apart from this, it will keep the mind stable, calm and also healthy. Once the mind and body are healthy and balanced, our subjects and their faults will be removed and our mind will remain concentrated whenever we want to meditate.

  The end

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