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Treatment; "Low blood pressure" reason and prevention

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 Treatment; "Low blood pressure" reason and prevention

 Medical experts have considered the normal blood pressure 120/80 In the language of public, it can be understood in such a way that no person's maximum blood pressure should be more than 120. Similarly, low blood pressure should not be below 80. But when the value of upper and lower blood pressure gets less than 90/60, then the person complains of low blood pressure. It can be understood as well. There is a normal blood pressure level ranging from 90 to 120 at the upper level, and 7 to 80 degrees at the lower level If the value of blood pressure is above it, there is a level of high blood pressure and hypertension

   Caution and understanding

 It has come from the tests and research that has been done about blood pressure so far, sometimes it is common to reduce the blood pressure. But if the blood pressure remains low or for a long time, it is a symbol of some major problem, so every person needs to check his BP from time to time. If the BP complaint is received in the examination and examination, then it will be wise to handle it immediately, namely, an effort should be started immediately.

  Due to low blood pressure

 Often it is seen that people ignore the causes of normal physical change, sometimes it becomes common problem only because of the common reason, such as heart disease patients are common symptoms. When it is ignored by the people in the normal state, then it becomes a widespread problem later Apart from this there is such an imbalance of hormones and some elements in the body, such as calcium, sodium, potassium etc. etc. are the reasons. When such factors become present, then the condition of the low blood pressure is formed Body pose, stress level, randomly eating allopathic medicines, lack of irregular food and sleep etc., there are some reasons for which the body lacks water. After this, the condition of the following blood pressure is also made

  Special reason

 The symptoms of low blood pressure appear to appear in the patient due to the shortage of nutrients such as vitamin B1, B2 and iron etc. in the body. Due to severe injuries, even after bleeding or internal bleeding, BP suddenly decreases rapidly. Sodium is an essential electrolyte for the human body, which maintains water level around the body cells. If there is lack of sodium in the body, blood pressure may also be complained Therefore the amount of salt should be increased in the body after the lack of water in the body

  Simple treatment

 When a low blood pressure is complained, the person should drink a lot of salt and sugar and drink plenty of water The patient needs to consume the beast juice twice a day Consumption of Tulsi extracts also helps in fixing the blood pressure Due to taking lemon water and tomatoes juice and black pepper and salt water, the complaint of the following blood pressure is corrected.

   Pre-treatment Tips

 Before applying Ayurvedic, the patient must change his lifestyle, as the amount of liquids should increase in food. If you feel that there is low blood pressure, before moving on the bed, move your feet and ankles like a pump on the ground, and do not take heavy weight, keep eating something at a few intervals, do not do more physical labor. If possible, swim and light exercise too

  Ayurvedic treatment

 In the morning, after taking up the bed, do your routine, then go out to walk Returning home, take 2 grams of fresh, garment powder of fresh Ayurvedic medicine made from the pre-embryo with fresh water. Apart from this, whenever you go to bed for the night, even then start using 2 grams of this medicine with fresh water. Use it for a few days, then be sure to make your medical examination After consuming about 15 days, you have got full benefits from the problem of low blood pressure Concerning blood pressure, remembering that one or a half-kilometer walker can not complain about blood pressure every day. Therefore, the patient of the blood should have to obey this rule as "on the sick" and "at the time of being sick", and keep yourself away from the problem of blood pressure forever.

 Jai Ayurveda

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