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[ u/02 ] treatment ; A simple and wondrous drug that has heart disease and insanity

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 treatment ; A simple and wondrous drug that has heart disease and insanity

          The heart is the best organ in all the vital organs of the human body. It can be called the King of all limbs. The more important and useful of this part of the human body, the more complicated its diseases are. In order to cure its illness, practitioners often use valuable medicines, such as pearls, goldsmiths, jawahar mohra etc. Because our country is an agricultural country, the vast majority of the people here do not have so much money that they can get costly treatment. But nature mother on our country is so kind, that she has created such a variety of flora for the poor, from whom they easily get rid of difficult diseases.

  Cardiovascular disease

       The main reason for people having cardiovascular disease is due to food insecurity, inappropriate diet and polluted environment. To this extent, patients of this disease themselves are responsible for this disease. They also have some activities that call them patients like heart and madness like working in dust and dirt factories, people working in factories like Bidi, Cigarette and Pan Masala etc. are victims of these diseases. Go. People's tension, planetary conflicts and drinking habits are also the reasons which invite these diseases in the human body.

  Physical cause

      People smoking, drinking, and various types of intoxication can be considered responsible for this. Seeing the dazzling advertisements of advertisements through newspapers and other media channels and influenced by it, the use of different types of refined oils is also responsible for these diseases. Fast food, junk food and refined oil make people especially heart disease. The reason for this is that people use them in stereotypes by trapping advertisements in the Maya trap. Due to which the amount of l d l and v l d l increase in the body. Increasing cholesterol in the body leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Bad cholesterol, the vein of the body flows into the nerves to make the blood thick, causing the blood flow to slow down gradually. Because of this, I can not get blood circulation properly.

  The simplest way to know the intensity of heart disease

       If the patient finds in some way that he has heart disease, or is going to happen. Then he should first get a medical examination. In clinical trials, after knowing cholesterol levels, if the doctor advises the operation, then listen carefully to his advice. Now ask him how many days after the operation is to be done, and the degree of intensity of the disease. If the doctor advises that you can get an operation at any time, and the intensity of your disease has reached 80%, then you are absolutely unhappy. Go to your home safely, because now you will be cured without any operation.

 Ayurvedic treatment

 First phase of treatment

        First of all, do your first thing if there is a market oil in the house, then stop using it completely. In his place, he started experimenting with oil extracted from the crusher from a trusted place. Changing the oil only will cure your disease. Now you should also do one thing: stop cooking the cold drinks, sugar, flour, junk food and fast food bought from the market at all. Because they increase the amount of cholesterol in the body very much.

  Second phase of treatment

        If there is a market around you then buy enough quantity of gourd from there. With this also brought a "juicer" from the market. Gourds are available in sufficient quantities in the markets. If there is no gourd season then bring the gourd seeds from the market and put them in the gums. Thereby you never lack gourd. Now 50 minutes before breakfast every morning, take 50 ml of fresh gourd juice, start drinking gourd juice every day. [If you can do the treatment, instead of gourd juice, cow urine can also drink in such quantity] Maybe you can not do it or not, but drink gourd juice definitely. This is why we are telling this because the cow's urine benefits 5 times faster than the gourd juice, and becomes easily available without any hassles. So you choose the medicine by your own free will. You can do any of the above treatment. You must be so confident that after this treatment you will not die from heart disease or madness, I do not talk about other diseases.

 Third phase of treatment

     You will be familiar with the Peepal tree because this pendant becomes readily available almost everywhere. In the adequate quantity of this tree bring the leaves and soak in the evening in water. In the morning, take out the extracts of these leaves through 'Bhadke'. Fill this extracts in safe bottles. Also, take about 50 grams of sugar after 1 hour after breakfast, do not eat anything after 50 minutes of this drug intake. Take this extraction three times a day. Do not eat or drink anything after 50 minutes before consuming extracts and one hour later.


      The patient needs to keep allopathic medicines, "sorbitrate 5 mg" tablets near you. Sometimes it happens that even in clinical trial, the exact intensity of the disease is not known. That's why you may be suffering from sudden cardiovascular disease. In such cases, these pills will be used for your treatment. If you have a feeling of heart disease, keeping one tablet under the tongue, you will be protected from the pain of heart disease. These pills are not too expensive, and due to being life saving, they are easily available on medical stores.

      During this therapy, you must keep in mind that heart disease is in deadly diseases, yet it does not easily kill anyone. If you patiently meditate and maintain trust, you will definitely get benefits. It is my claim that if you take regular medical treatment from the law then you will not be able to die from heart disease. With this therapy, you will be able to remove the madness by treating patients with insanity.

  Jai Ayurveda

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