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 Our earth, on which we reside, was built almost a few years ago today. This period can be called "eternally". After this the number of "Adikal" is coming. The ancient religion of the people of our country has been 'Vedic religion'. Since the time of the Vedic religion till now, many scholars, sages and friends have come in the welfare of the world, who have spent their entire lives, but how their life is doing, Have to observe. Vedic sages used to refine their life before engaging in philanthropic work. For this he used to perform various types of religious functions. By completing these religious rituals and rituals, those people used to attain completeness. To get the fullness of life, he used to do many kinds of activities in life. In these religious activities, it is very important to know what 'worship is', to every seeker.

  Meaning of worship

 If worship is literally understood, then this word is composed of the words 'sub' and 'asana'. Sub means nigh, and asana means seating. By coincidence of both words, the meaning of 'coming near' or 'sitting near' is manifested. Just as the heat sitting by the fire, and it is well known to be cold by sitting near the ice. Similarly, if the proximity of divine powers is attained, then the properties of those divine powers are possible inside the person.

 Incorporation of divine qualities

 When any Sage-Muni or seeker worshiped some divine man. At that time they receive their fame. This sequence of success is continuing continuously in the next moments of their life. After achieving the integrity of the Divine Powers, the best powers contained in that seeker go on benefitting the seeker from their properties in the same manner as if the electricity flow from the transformer becomes irrelevant to the flow of electricity. | Likewise, if the power of divine powers is attained, then it is possible to attain self-realization as well as possible inclusion of the divine qualities of that god in the life.


 The Vedic sage Muni of Adikal considered self-esteem as the climax of human life. So in order to achieve success he used to perform various kinds of religious acts. They used to recite chanting, meditation-worship, worship-seeking, meditation-worship, worship and yoga. He used to think that in many different ways, he will be able to achieve success in his life. His idea was that, this is the path by which people can achieve their purpose only by following them. That is why he used to do these tasks in a dedicated sense.

  The purpose of self-promotion

 When the seekers in their life were successful in achieving success in self-promotion. Only then did his personality include superior qualities. Because the purpose of his self-realization was not only to interview God with the Father, but to separate him also had to develop the best human qualities in his personality. These sages-monks achieved success in their life, taught the general public the fact that the simplest way to put the best human qualities in life is worship.

  The deity of every mantra

 In our Vedic religion, 33 types of gods [cottage] are considered gods. Different Vedic mantras are prescribed for each god in Vedic chants. Like the Adi Shakti mother Gayatri, Gayatri Mantra is Lord Savita [Sun]. Similarly, the mantra of every deity is also determined. When a seeker worships Gayatri, at that time, the invisible rays of the sun, the life of the seeker, comes into existence, which reinforces the life of the seeker, and his biography enhances the power. Its effect, it is that, that man starts walking on the true path, and becomes the follower of the purity and the brightness. Similarly, by worshiping a deity by certain mantras, the seeker receives various kinds of unprecedented powers. By which the vitality develops in it, and it also follows the purity and the intensity.

  I think that by understanding the above article you must have become familiar with the importance of worship. It will be a wonderful experience to know that continuing to worship any god is the best way of self-improvement.

 The end

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