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[ Y/2 ]religion ; Use of life is a spiritual life



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Use of life is a spiritual life

    Today, we will try to know what is the Mahamantra of life. Life is the Mahamantra of life. Every creature that comes into this world spends its life in vain, but some people are cautious and cautious towards life. Most of the creatures in this world are not familiar with this secret of life. In other words, they spend their whole life in achieving worldly pleasures. People who do not know this secret of life are afraid of these problems, try to avoid these problems, or they start running away from these problems. But those who become familiar with this mode of life management. Their only life becomes best.

    Intense man's need

    Human beings can utilize their lives at the same time, when it can be positive and positive approach towards life. Implementing a positive and proactive approach requires intense manners. It is well-known that a theory can only be meaningful when it is interpreted, and the clarity of the theory is manifested. The meaning of the principle is not even explained in the explanation. He is in his practical sense. As long as the theory is not proved and it is transmitted to life, its meaning is not proven. It is clear that it is also compulsory for the person to experience it with the principle. Well, the superiority of ideal thinking is well-known, but ideal karma makes it superior to that.

    Ideal Spiritual Required

    Karma only paves the way for the ideal life of man. It is true that there is no better work than spiritual philosophy and perception. Nobody can be superior to his acquired knowledge, and this can give him respect, respect and prestige in the society. But till he does not include him in his deeds, then life can not be meaningful. It is also necessary to be aware of spiritual truth. In essence, philosophical and perception is more important than the realization of spiritual truth.

     Man's need

     In the life of a human being, sadhana prakrushtha is very important. It is not necessary that this man is very much, it may be a little bit. But this happens a little more than a thousandths big things. The truth is that arguments or arguments in this world remain silent in front of the best things. Because emotions can only be awakened by the best things. We all know that for the sake of any theory, if not done for happiness, then the principle becomes lifeless. It is necessary that pure emotions can be rendered only after doing a Purushartha. In the absence of a man, the time is worthless, and the emotion also becomes busy. Therefore, doing a good work for the use of life is essential element.

   Measures to convert emotion into action

    When things become aware of the sacred feelings and they are also implemented, it can only be used meaningfully. If such a mistake does not happen then only such a feeling can be awakened. Through strong penance, emotion can be transformed into the best knowledge book. Thus in the spiritual order only the true utilization of life becomes true life music. It is necessary that deceit, deceit, jealousy and hatred should be abandoned in the mind. Simultaneously, anger and greedy feelings can be overcome. Because of these evil practices, life can not be meaningful. Emotions and longings can get an immediate benefit, and people's attention can also be attracted to them. But it is not possible to get long-term benefits. Therefore, remove the mind from the holy, the niceless and the evil. Therefore, it is very necessary to change the emotions into action, that should always be tried.

         An accurate explanation

    As much as courage, karma and struggle to achieve worldly achievements, more struggle and courage are required for spiritual life. To meet worldly achievements, the creature faces the many challenges. All these challenges are external. Whereas more courage and struggle are needed for spiritual life. These challenges of spiritual life are internal and invisible. The struggle becomes more and more complicated by not appearing of spiritual challenges. Worldly man does business for collecting wealth, he pretends all kinds of things. To achieve spiritual status, all weak weaknesses of life have to be won. This requires spiritual knowledge and practice.

   In the end

      According to the scholars, the knowledge of spirituality and the secret knowledge of the seeker is unarmed and his indomitable courage is behind the spiritual advancement, due to which he wisely accepts any challenge, and after winning a horrific struggle, he conquers | Human beings should never be frightened by the wretched problems of spiritual life, but they should lower their gratitude for it. Knowing this truth only makes life real and meaningful, and true use of life is possible. For this, the lofty inspiration in the mind has to be awakened. Thus life is used to make use of life


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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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