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[ y/2 ] Sadness

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The Creator of this mortal world has created many types of creatures, in which all human beings have been considered the greatest among all the compositions. Every person in this world wants to spend his life in happiness and happiness, for which he has tried many different types of efforts. Keeps doing His whole life passes through trying to achieve this happiness. Here is the fact that man can get pleasure in his life. Does man get success in achieving happiness by his efforts? This is a thoughtful question.

Happiness and sadness two sides of a coin

In fact, both of the pleasures and sorrows in the life of every human being continue coming and going. After happiness, after the suffering and sadness, happiness happens again. This is a universal principle of nature. If someone gets happiness only in life, then it may be that in the beginning, it is more of a sense of happiness. But gradually the pleasures of humans will begin to look silly. Because of this, the happiness that comes from pleasures will gradually decrease, and in the end his life will become depressed. Over time, this happiness of humanity will also go away. There is sadness in such a situation, who come into the life of somebody and keeps reestablishing his pleasures. If there is no misery in one's life, then life can not be experienced in happiness. Similarly, if there is no happiness in life, then there can not be a feeling of sadness. If seen from this point of view, happiness and sadness are two aspects of life coincidence, it can not be denied.

Misery in human life

Every creature in this world wants to see his life full of pleasures. He does not want to imagine that there is pain in his life too. This is the reason why every human being is seen to be full of misery. Humans try various types of efforts to get rid of these miseries and adopt happiness. Every human being is also seen making countless attempts to get relief from these and for the happiness in life, but is it possible to do so. Certainly this does not happen. But the irony is that happiness is only available to people who have been selected. This does not happen with the rest of the people. All his life is passed between non-attachment, failure, dissatisfaction and absurdity. It is often seen that people keep wandering for happiness, but they get more sorrow. This is the pain of every worldly creature and it is also pain

persuit of happiness

Every creature in this world who only seeks pleasure in its life. He forgets the fact that unhappiness does not come from outside, but the source of misery is within us. Even if we want to find any cause or circumstance in any event or circumstance, we can not achieve success in any situation and situation. Because the root cause of misery is in our mind. You can meet many because of finding out, but they can not be solved. The solution to misery is not only by changing the circumstances, but by changing the state of the mind only. When the state of our mind becomes contaminated and polluted, then our life begins to suffer. It is not possible to avoid these under any circumstances. And there is no other solution.

का Measures to get relief from pain

If a person has to get rid of sorrows in his life, then he will have to change his attitude. He must put this attitude deep in his mind that he is responsible for the sorrows in his life. Whatever appears to be happening outside, it is only the shadow inside. That is why he must take responsibility for the misery on his own head. It is not possible to avoid this. There must be misery in life or happiness, joy or depression and honor or insult, all of them have to accept it equally, and the responsibility of their circumstances will be taken on their own. He must always keep this thing in mind that his misery is the result of the deeds done by him. Taking this kind of responsibility will change his attitude towards life. Along with this, the strength to take iron from the tragic circumstances will also come. By doing so, one can keep away the miseries in his life. Every person who does not do this will get trapped in the confusion of sorrows.

Changes in mind need

This fact can never be turned away from the fact that the grief in life only happens in his own life, who knows to take his responsibility. Only by taking responsibility for our mistakes, mistakes and bad actions, we can spend our lives happily only by reducing the sorrow in our life. By putting our responsibility on others, we can never make changes in ourselves, nor can we begin to change. This is only done by those people, who do not find the cause of their sorrows but find them within themselves. Only after doing this, they get enough opportunity to improve it. Therefore, circumstances should not try to change mindset. As soon as human beings change their attitude according to their own, and strive accordingly accordingly, then the solution itself is presented in his life. After this, he begins to see the aspects of both coin and happiness in his life. He becomes aware of the fact that as per necessary happiness in every human life, there is also the necessary suffering. Only after doing this, he gets permanent satisfaction in his life.

The end

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