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[ Y/2 ]Treatment ; Heart beat disease



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Heart beat disease

       There are various types of vital components in our body. The heart is the main place in these vital organs. It is located inside the body, on the left side of the chest. Heart beats can be experienced by keeping hands on this place. If we listen to the ears here, then the voice of the heart beats will be heard clearly. The heart of a healthy person regularly beats about 72 times in 1 minute. This beats are done at a regular time interval. If there is irregularity in this time interval, then it should be known that the person has heart beatness.

    Disease thought

       When for some reason the heartbeat decreases or decreases, and keeps on happening regularly. Then the person is suffering from this disease, should know this. In such a condition, increasing or decreasing heartbeats regularly becomes a matter of concern. Occasionally, with the immediate effect, the heartbeat increases or decreases, and it also automatically gets healed, such a condition should not be treated as a disease. But if regular beating beats less or more then disease can be considered.

    What is beating

     To know this, we have to know the design of the heart. Our heart is divided into four chambers. There is blood vessel carrying impure blood and blood carrying blood. In these four chambers, involuntary muscles are the doors of the muscles, which open and close at regular intervals. There is a special type of sound when the blood is taken from there and when the blood arrives. This voice is called beating. These activities of blood circulation occur 72 times in 1 minute. When this verb of the heartbeat becomes more or less than 72. At that time there is a difference in the voice of the heart. Where is the distinction of this particular voice? Where is the heartbeat disease?

    Due to heart disease

     There are many reasons for deformity in heart beat. There is an irregular diet of the patient and Bihar chief. Contaminated environments affect various types of diseases, heart beat. like

             The patient has diarrhea, hemorrhoids, or stomach diseases prior to the beating of the heartbeat. Complaining of bleeding, TB disease or gonorrhea also occurs before the patient has heartbeat. Apart from this, the increase of fat on the body, due to the lack of metal impairment and blood pressure are less of heartbeat.

         Similarly, there is a variety of physical infections such as cough, hiccup, breathing, inflammation, and smallpox, before the patient has more heart beat disease.

  Terrible state of disease

     If a person is suffering from this disease for a long time. If this condition persists for a long time, then this heartbeat disease is counted as a terrible condition. In such cases, the patient may have to undergo severe conditions like fatigue and fainting. The patient also gets a little hard work, or even a faint situation when he is angry and mourning. In such a situation, the darkness first appears in front of the patient's eyes. After this the patient becomes unconscious. Initially, the state of unconsciousness is of little time. Later, the state continues to grow. The patient's mind does not seem to be involved in any work, except that all the food items seem to be unpleasant. If the heartbeat becomes obsolete, the juice, blood, meat, bone, medulla and Venus metal in the patient become impaired.

   Simple treatment

       If the patient is in the fast pace of beating. Then the patient needs rest. It is very necessary for the patient to have physical and mental rest. He should stop the mental activities that cause anxiety, grief, anger, jealousy and malice etc. Ginger, onion and garlic should be used more in his diet. Spices that are used in the food are particularly beneficial in stinging, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon and cinnamon. Use papaya, grapes, apples and figs in the fruit. Munka, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios and dates should also be used in abundance. In addition, excess consumption of soft foods should be avoided.

  Medicinal treatment

     Make fine powder of Arjun bark for its medicinal remedies. Take 4 grams of quantity to the patient with 20 grams of sugar. This medicine is given with a half kilogram of boiled milk of cow. At the time when the patient is given a medicine, the patient should be empty stomach. Thus, through regular use of this medicine, the disease gradually decreases according to its intensity, and in the end the disease is destroyed. This medicine is very beneficial for heartbeat. Also, continue the above-mentioned treatment. This will help in ending the disease.

   Jai Ayurveda

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