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22 religion ; Mirror

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religion ; Mirror

 Mirror There is a mirror in every house, so people see their reflection. In the physical world, we can call it a scientific instrument. But when we take it in a religious area, its meaning becomes very wide. The mirror in the religious field is not only a structure of a glass, but the structure of the world for the human mind is a mirror. In which we can see the reflection of ourselves and others with the eyes of our mind, because our reflection of the mind is reflected in the world. If we are really a good person, then we all are seen full of good qualities. But when we are bad, the world is seen to be home of evils. It can be understood in this way that according to the mind, beliefs and perceptions are found in the world, that which is not in the human mind is difficult to see in the world. Just as we can see our own reflection in the mirror but not the other. The reason for this is that which does not happen, it does not even appear in the mirror. This is the same religious nature of our mind.

  In this regard, a narrative of Guru Nanak is prevailing. According to this legend, Guru Nanak once visited a village while traveling with his disciple masna. He reached a lot of night while reaching the village. When it went to the people of the village in search of shelter to spend the night, the residents did not let them stay in the village. The villagers forced them out of the village, due to which they had to spend their night under a tree with their disciple. After the night, when Guru Nanak started departing from that village, he blessed the villagers, that all of you should stay in any village, keep flowing and happy. This is my wish. After this Guruji walked towards another village with his disciple.

  On the second day, while traveling, Guru Nanak came to another village at night, till night was enough, so in search of shelter, he reached the village of the people of that village. Then the villagers respected them, gave them food, gave bed and arranged all the arrangements to meet other needs. That night of Guru ji and his disciple masadda passed away very comfortably. At dawn when Guruji started walking from the village, he blessed the villagers, that people should flourish, be happy, but do not stay in this village and get scattered on all the land.

  Upon hearing these sentences of Guru ji, his disciple masculine was very distressed. He told Guruji - those villages who gave you inconvenience to stay in the night, came to bless you for staying in one place. But when the people of this village gave you great respect, provided you with pleasure, facilities, why are you cursing these people from this village to another village? Guru Nanak smiles and says - this world is like that should get the same. The people of the village first treated us badly. If they spread on the entire terrain, then the whole world will dirty with their filth. That's why I blessed them to live in the same village. But the people of this village honored us, honored us, provided us with pleasure facilities. It seems that the people of this village are very good. If it goes to the other part of the world, then goodness will spread there. Therefore, we have asked the villagers to go to different areas. Listening to these words of Guru Nanak, their disciple knew the mantra of Guruji.

  This is just a story, but if we peep into the mirror of our mind, then we find that, Guru Nanak has shown mirrors to both the people of the village. As a sign, he has told the villagers that in reality they are like people, they should be the same, and they should get the same results as well. In the mirror the way "which looks like what is as it is", in the same way Guru Ji also showed the mirror to the villagers. He did not talk about the people of a village, but the opponents of opposing ideologies about the people of two opposite minded villages have said the opposite.

  In this mind mirror, when we look at the thoughts of our mind, then we can become aware of the properties and defects of the people of this world. If our eyes are the best, then we can see the good and evil of our people in the mirror of our mind. If our minds have to be filled with the filth of the world, then we can not see the evils and goodness of the world. That is why every man should first of all make his mind pure and good, because after this, he gets an opportunity to see the real reflection of himself and others in the mirror of his mind. As long as the philosophy of truth, Shiva and the beautiful does not begin to appear everywhere, then the person should know that there is a fault in him. After this, he should keep on trying to remove the evils and maladies of his mind, because on doing so, the mirror of our mind will be clean and transparent. Once this happens, it will be able to achieve success, immortality and popularity in a true way.

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