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[ d/12 ] Religion ; The miraculous results of mother's sadhana

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Religion ; The miraculous results of mother's sadhana

           There are many devotees of Mother in this entire world, they also do sadhana for attaining their devotion. However, there is no special law, legislation or science of sadhakti mata. Mothers are happy only with the Ekantari mantra called "mother". Even if a mother is meditated, her miraculous results are attained. Mother seekers and devotees have experienced that many secrets are found in her mother's sadhana. When this compassionate mother is pleased with her sons. Then he can ever give relief to his devotees through his miraculous results of suffering sufferings and diseases today. By which the life of their devotees succeeds.

       Karuna Prem and Vatsalya Store

      Mataji does not expect any kind of meditation, chanting or law or legislation from his devotees. Only the original nature and nature of Adi Shakti Mata is only the compassion of love, compassion and love. That is why he considers every single creature as a child. That is why he eliminates the problems and troubles of his life, by redressing his mistakes or by forgetting them.

          Mitigation of complex acts of previous birth

      If any creature is born in a prosperous and noble family and all the means of being happy, even though its life is surrounded by complex and difficult deeds of the past, even then, by making his grace, Troubleshoot the defects. But that person has to repent for his previous life. Once the grace of the mother is received, her life becomes happy. And it does not have to go to the astrologers, tantrikas, or miracles, to suppress their past lives. The main reason for this is that the mother is Mamtaamayi. He is concerned only for his devotees and seekers.

       Grace is the cause factor mother

           Mother is always ready to remove the pain of her devotees and seekers. If there is any wander in his life or darkness has become in his life. Or if he has to cope with the complexity of karma in his life, fate disparity, and the conditions of the opposite conditions of circumstances, then the devotee gets freedom from these sufferings with the help of his mother. Mother is happy with the memory of her devotees. If the mother is worshiped all nine days of Navaratri and sometimes after the time the mother is remembered, then the opposite conditions of that bride are also favorable. In the Navaratri, nine days of his mother's dream come to life on the earth.

    Do not forget mother

       Every public, devotee and seeker should never forget the Adishakti mata. Shankar Bhagwan too can not do the welfare of forgetting the mother. Sometimes a remembrance of a mother can give her freedom from pain. Because a mother is a mother and she is very soft, so she does not ever tell her son. The son also wants to remember that mother too. Mothers, their devotees, knowing the disciple or the seeker of the seeker, contrary to karma legislation, forgive them and give place in their zenith again.

     Jyoti Swaroop Hai Maa

      Whatever devotees go to, do not forget their mothers. Then this Jagatmata becomes light and illuminating the darkness of his painful hard Kalima by entering into the dark darkness of his mind. In this way the creature is automatically free from the cycles of cynicals and difficult zodiac signs. In this way there becomes an officer of the very rare liberation. At that time, the obligatory requirements of his life are also fulfilled. It is said that once Shri Shankar Bhagwan had told Mata in this regard that there is no limit to your nurturing. This can not stop any unrestricted fundamentalist. Goddess can provide a boon to anyone you like. Because mother is aware of the essential requirements of every living being. That's why she keeps doing it

           If the mantra of Durga Saptashati is included with Mataji's Gayatri Mahamantra, its effect is broad, fast and instant. If someone continues the sadhana of this mother, then after attaining liberation from worldly suffering, liberation is attained. Indeed, this practice is welfare in all respects. If there is continuity in it, then the miraculous results that surprise the seeker also get.

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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