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Religion; In the context of our national language Hindi past today

 Religion; In the context of our national language Hindi past today

The language of each country is the basis of that country's identity. We have the best medium language to express our feelings, through which we communicate our thoughts to others, and absorb the views of others. Disclosure of ideas is possible only through language. This is the reason why all the countries of the world are one of its own definite languages. Each country has its constant struggles to maintain its own identity. This tingling of conflicts can be seen in many small countries of the world.

 It is said that almost all the countries of the world have been the slaves of the British in their past. There was also a time when the sun was not set in the kingdom of British. Every country has liberated its country after various efforts and struggles. The language of the freedom struggle and independence movement of every country has been the basis of it. The heroic, sacrificial thoughts and motivators of every country have stirred and encouraged the people of their country for freedom in their own language. Only after his strong efforts that country has got freedom from colonial rule. Only those countries have attained independence through the powerful mindset of language.

 The current situation of this unfortunate language of every country is so sensitive that it is not possible to think of the question of language in a non-political manner. The national language of our country is in the greatest languages ​​of the world, but on the world screen it has not been found so much that it should have been met. Our national language Hindi is the language of a vast society. If we have to be in touch with the majority of the citizens then essentially Hindi should be given importance. Today, many developed and developing countries of the world are beginning to understand the importance of Hindi. This is why a Swiss multinational company is making a valuable effort to teach Hindi to encourage and promote Hindi in our country. Apart from this, foreign channels on TV are also using Hindi language. The main reason for this is their technical expertise, essential information, and advertisements of their products among the languages ​​of Hindi. From the above description, the importance of Hindi language can be easily understood. It is a well-known fact that, in the era of the future, the language itself has been the subject of the word itself. However, the ancient language of our country is Sanskrit. In our country, every work of ancient times was used in Sanskrit language. In each of the subsequent periods, when we were slaves, injustice was done with our language. Earlier, our country was a slave of Muslims, due to which the people adopted Persian language here, whose effect is still visible here. Has been. In the same way when we became the slaves of the British after the Muslims, at that time the clever clever diplomats of the British, with great cleverness, made a kind of conspiracy, the result of the conspiracy of those people. That some decent and respected citizens of our country also gave English the opportunity to develop and develop prestigiously. In English rulers, Lord Macaulay was an English ruler with a distorted mindset that caused irreparable harm to the Hindi language. People of this time, the people of the slaves of our country, could not understand this malicious conspiracy of the British, which is in front of us today.

 Many people in the world propagate English language to international level. But this is not right. It is of course that this English gets its benefits in the field of country, business education, communication etc., but the English language is not more than our Hindi language. Even today, imperialist countries try to impose their own language and culture in their colonies, because they are thought to be or they continue to feel that a more effective language is created from the military force. If the mental tales of a country's language and culture have to run for centuries, then by destroying the language and culture of that country, it will be necessary to impose their own language and culture there.

 The national language of our country is Hindi, and all our countrymen must have an attachment to it, and it should also be sent emotionally to their heart, because in future it may happen that due to some reason there is a deficit, but this Regardless of the reasons for defaults, it can not be done permanently. In the past, in the way the revolutionaries of our country have worked to save and improve the asmita of our own language, they are worthy of praise. We have to understand the conspiracies of others, and persuading people to motivate them towards Hindi. This will get back the lost reputation of our Hindi language and its importance will increase, and it will continue to grow. If you have understood my point, then, from now, make a resolve that, we have to be committed to enrich Hindi language and to promote it.

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