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religion ; Mantras are amazing powers

religion ; Mantras are amazing powers


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10 - 04 - 2018

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Our ancient sage Muni was knowledgeable of many mantras, he used to perform wonderful works of charitra and charity with the help of mantras. Today, in this regard, we will get some information. The power of the Mantras is more subtle and stronger than the physical powers. This is the reason that the ancient times of Rishis, Manishers and Yogis, had overcome the powers of the Mantras with the power of the earth, the God, and the eternal powers of the universe.

Wide influence and power of mantras

Mantras contain many effective and powerful powers. This is the reason that, the ancient times the sage Muni could use the Mantras to transfer any substance according to their wishes. The power of mantras exists today. If even today a person is able to absorb the status of the Mantra, then he gets many powerful powers, so that he can perform various functions of the public interest according to his wishes. In them, the supernatural power of the substances is converted into energy and in the energy. We have been hearing curse and boon 2 times since ancient times. Both of these words are the grants of Mantra. Even today people use the power of mantra to scorpion, snake etc. Today's bites and treating many diseases with mantras, treat the sufferer and he cures it. Apart from this, many other diseases are being done by the cure spells today.

Amazing effects of mantras

A person knows the cognition, and he does the same to the patients, apart from this, he also knows the distant, distant activity, from chanting power. Information about all the planets in space can be obtained by the mantras. Apart from this, knowledge of the powers contained in the human body is possible only through the Shastra Mantra. The result of this is that the number of experiments done on mantra strength in Indian elements philosophy or even today is being done in a small way, so much research has not happened on any other subject.

How Mantra Powers Work

In our country and other countries, research is being done about mantras. According to the researchers, the low pressure area [low pressure zone] is constructed around the mantra powers by concentrating sound waves on heavy stones. Due to this "low pressure zone", atmospheric pressure below the stone raises it, the example is believed to have been done in the construction of several monasteries in Tibet. It is believed that "Machu Picchu" located in a country called "Peru", which is an ancient city, has been constructed according to this process. This strengthens the impression that the effect of the power of the Mantras can be done not only with the subtle but also of many big changes.

The idea of ​​mantra gianis

Mantra Mantra Gnanis say that if a person continues to iterate repeatedly of the same mantra, after doing so, a kind of zero gravity is created in the external and inner environment of the person pronouncing it. Because of which, the pressure of one type of external and inwardly filthy Kalima in the mind was suppressing the whole body, it gets freedom from it. When the unwanted pressure of these erroneous cremations is removed from the mind, then the astral chetan powers in the body of that person become upward. These powers gradually develop and reach the ultimate highs. Due to which the person who looks normal becomes a great human being or a Siddha Purush type creature.

It is possible with subtle sounds of infrasonic level

Researchers gave examples of the Tibetan monasteries, who used to say how they used to build monasteries by lifting large stone slabs on the ground in the air through the sounds. While doing so, he used to take away heavy stones of a half meter rectangle from the monastery, by collecting the loaded animals 'yak' in the plateau area. Later, they used to make those stones in the shape of a bowl. This whole shape was made away from the building, and behind this, many monks used to surround these stones with various instruments for priests and musicians. After this, the music was started as soon as the order of the Pradhan Purohit was received, after which a lot of sound splash drums were beaten. From this there were some such sounds that, the force of gravitational force and atmospheric pressure of mountain slopes began to subside. With the effect that stones began to rise in the air, these stones were later raised and placed on the top of the building situated at a distance. In ancient times people had a lot of knowledge of mantras, but gradually the interest of the people became lesser, or whatever the reasons were made, the mantra powers were used by a few people. Today the situation is that there are only few remaining remains, even then these wonderful mantras still exist, from which the impossible works can still be done easily. After the above information, there are many hidden powers in the Mantras, it has to be accepted.

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