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[[ 13 ] Democracies                                                                                


Hitler once brought a cock in the parliament with him,

And in front of everyone, one of his wings started fluttering,

The cock roamed the pain but,

Hitler waved all the wings one by one,

Then threw the poultry on the ground,

Then, taking some grain from the pocket and throwing it towards the poult and started walking slowly,

Then the cock started following Beat behind Hitler,

Hitler was thrown equal to the grain and the cock continued to follow the dana and followed it.

After all, that cock stood in Hitler's feet.

Hitler looked at the speaker and spoke on a date,

"People of democracies" are like this chicken,

Their leaders loot the public first by robbing everything,

And later they give them a little dose and become their Messiah. "=================================== ================================================== ========== A lot of inspirational story


#Ab has won almost 70 years, but coming into the 40th year of his life, he has to make an important decision. At that stage, three major organs of his body begin to become neutral-

1. The paws become long and flexible and

Feeling incapable of catching on the hunt

2. The beak turns to the front and starts interrupting the meals.

3. Feathers become heavy, and due to adhesive to the chest, they do not open completely, limit the flights.

Finding food, catching food and eating food all three processes start losing their torso. He has only three choices left. Either sacrifice the body or abandon its tendency to live on an undisturbed food like a vulture or restore itself, as the unarmed monk of the sky. Where the first two options are simple and quick, the third is painful and prolonged.

The wolf chooses pain and restores itself. He goes to a high mountain, makes his nest in solitude, and then starts the whole process. At first he breaks his beak on the rock and breaks it. Nothing more painful than breaking your beak, for the bird lord. Then he waits for a peep to peel again. After that he breaks his claws in the same way and waits for the paws to come back again. After the new beak and claw comes, he removes his huge feathers one by one and waiting for the wings to rise again.

150 days of pain and waiting ... and then he gets the same grand and high flying, like the first of the new After this restoration, he has won 30 years and with energy, respect and dignity.

Nature is sitting to teach us-

The claws are symbols of grip,

Beak activation and

Feathers establish imagination.

The desire to maintain control over the circumstances, to maintain the dignity of activism itself, to keep some newness in the imagination life. In human life, desire, activism and imagination occur three years after the three chalisa year begins to get weaker. Our personality starts loosened, in the half-life, life seems to end. Enthusiasm, aspiration, energy drops. We also have many options, some simple and quick, some painful. We must also give up control over the compulsions of our lives and show them the control - #Bag_Key_Pages_key_ We also need to demonstrate the energy activated by sacrificing the idiotic mentality that causes idleness - #bab_key_chatch_key_ We will also have to abandon the heaviness of being in existence in the past and fill the imagination of the imagination - #Bag_Ki's eyes_key

150 days not right, then spend a month, restoring yourself. That which is sticking to the body and mind, it will be painful to break and break it, but the baz will be ready to fill the flights ...

Flights this time

It will be high,


Will be infinite

                                                                          The End


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