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Modern ideal leader; A conceptual experience                                                                               

Modern ideal leader; A conceptual experience

       Hello friends / It was a time that the common man was influenced by the ideology of the leaders and was inspired to follow their footsteps by taking inspiration from them and adopting their ideals on their footsteps! ! But today the conditions are the opposite and more or less the word is becoming a word of rebuke? What is the reason for this? Did the leaders' attitude change and the tendency of living only for themselves and the family change their thinking towards the leaders?

Samajwadi Party, organized by the Samajwadi Party under the leadership of MLA Vayendar Yadav, in the recent issue of Gazipur, in view of the future elections of the Lok Sabha, the Boothwadi workers are in the conference, in which when the views of the invitees of SP of the state are unheard of, Party organizer / program organizer Virendra Yadav declared by the forum "You people stop, you guys are listening to the guests. You will get sweets and lunch packets for people! "Was there a crowd of crowds involved in the above program? Did the crowd gathered in the said program come for sweets and lunch packets, or the ruling parties have made the common man so puffy, hungry, naked that the real owner of the country has been so insistent that it is his hunger for the holy festival of democracy The means of eradication is understood and the leader has understood that by giving greed to the common man of the country, greed for his vote, religion, caste, Hindu, Muslim The plunder of generating E, five years after arriving in power exploit the power smoothly can be in every way?

The image of West Bengal Chief Minister Mannayama Mamta Banerjee has been projected or she has set herself up for the greed of a class of votes! But with the possibility of loss of votes from this image in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, he decided to give the tax of the public tax of West Bengal, to the Durga Puja committees in West Bengal, Rs 28 crore! But did the High Court thwart their intentions, by mentioning Mamata Banerjee's, Durga Puja committees, on the issue of the game of votes, by calling the treasury money a fool?

Due to the agitation of the farmers, including the Vrasham scam in Madhya Pradesh, the desire for wider participation in the backward class's power has left Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who has been in power for fifteen years, has woken up! In the matter of applying 60 million trees, Santo was asked to take out the journey by making Lalbatta like people who demanded the inquiry and then he was well aware, but here, thousands of priests of Madhya Pradesh also paid Rs. Through, did Madhya Pradesh play a game of re-power?

In the UP, Rajesh Agarwal, in the annual budget presented by the Finance Minister, Rs 2000 crore has been arranged for the Kumbh Mela, but has arranged a budget of hundreds of crores for Deepawali and Holi and our Chief Minister Jogi Baba said that Budget arrangements have already been done in Kumbh Mela? That is, our government has not done anything new? That is, you can not raise the question that Delhi's government spends more than Rs 11000 per person on education and the UPA government is just 11 rupees 52 paise?

  The human resources minister of our country says that the higher education institutions should not bow to bowl and beg? The country wants to know that ultimately, who has given the right to spend public money on non-productive works, waste, instead of spending the public wealth tax, according to the concept of welfare state? The public may be misunderstood and the ruling parties deliberately did not let the awareness of the struggle, the tendency of struggle for the welfare state, and the spirit of scientifically conscientiously did not prevail, but the public is not so nonsense that the robbery of power has not fully understood ? It is said that late but not blind? Now the public is creating a tendency to struggle for the welfare of the constitution rather than the darkness of the Constitution!

Jai Constitution, Jai Sardar Patel Jai Doctor Gold Lal Patel Jai Doctor Ambedkar, Jay Shahuji Maharaj, Jai Sayajirao Gaikwad, Jai Kisan, Jai Backward Class, Jai Defected Society, Jay Share!

                                                                        Arjun Singh


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