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Sensitivity vs. Anesthesia                                                                               

Sensitivity vs. Anesthesia

Read the full once.

A father was comforting his son while trying to break the stretcher

"Son I am not,

everything will be alright

Just waiting to be your MRI

Then the doctor started your treatment ..... "

Before that unfortunate father could complete his talk, his son, who fell on the stretcher, had a terrible attack before that.

Leaving the talk in between, he started pausing on his back.

Seeing his only son gripped, his eyes started tingling with tears.

6 ft length

Long body was his

But seeing his son's plight, his majesty melted.

Children's crying started crying.

He hoped that soon his son would become MRI.

Then he will know the disease

And his work will be done.

Why not?

Who came to the country's largest hospital

All came with hope.

But his number did not come from last 1 hour.

How come?

What was the crowd of people who used to make MRI in advance.

An MRI takes about half an hour.

And 50 insensitive people sat on the line before it.

And even if the machine runs for 24 hours, its number may be two days later.

The country's largest hospital !!

Hospital equipped with renowned experts in the country !!

We are in the 21st century

The speed of our GDP is defeating all the countries.

We sent the cheapest Mars carrier to space.

Our ISRO is establishing a new record every month.

We are going to get a membership of the Nuclear missile group.

We are making light fighter aircraft like Tejas.

Submarines are making.

But in our hospitals there are no X-ray machines

There are no MRI machines.

How will this happen?

There is no technology to make MRI machine here.

Nor is there any technique to repair it when it is bad.

Let me tell you about a great quality of MRI machine of about 10 million.

And these are imported from countries like China Japan Korea

If bad, either the machine will be china

Or from there the team will come here

The cost of repairing it will be in lakhs.

Knowing now, you will feel like Amritanand, that the idol of Shivaji worth 3600 crore

And about 2100 crore Sardar Patel's statue is being created in Mumbai and Gujarat, respectively.

There are no two opinions in it

Both of these were our pride forever.

Their value was far more than these money.

But if they were, they would say

"Make the hospital

Make the necessary arrangements available.

Make things they need. "

Not going far

Come near

In the next phase of the Metro, a total of 4 thousand crores will be spent.

And these above mentioned projects are fine in their own place.

But priorities like roti kapada house healthy drinking water can be fulfilled.

If there is at least 10 MRI machines in the largest hospital, what will be deteriorated?

Under the make in India, things like this need to be improved, then what will get worse?

But not !!

We need 36 Rafale fighters most now

Whose value is approximately 36,000 crores

In the end, she was shocked, the father took her child lying on the stretcher and cried out.

Maybe the courage was broken

Or the baby's breath !! : '(

But the death of the hospital seeing the daily death had died.

What difference do they have that someone dies or dies

Today donations need more hospitals than the temples

I will not say to you at all

Please share this post ....

This is dependent on your humanity


                            DheeRaj Priyadarshi


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