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Treatment: - Hysteria                                                                           

Treatment: - Hysteria

     It is a secretive disease to women, which is done by most young women. Due to this, women have a lot of trouble. If for some reason a woman's sexual desire is not met, i.e. libido remains half-complete. Due to this, he gets this disease. If there is no fulfillment of sexual desire, women are considered to be self-satisfied. In such a state, they have a sense of frustration in the mind. Due to this, the disease gradually starts spreading in the body, and in the end it takes its formidable form. If this disease happens once, then it is possible to overcome it with great difficulty.

    General symptoms

        The woman suffering from this disease gets unconscious anytime, at any time and in any location. In the condition of unconsciousness, his hands and feet begin to swell. His face becomes deformed by getting distorted. Apart from this, foam starts to flow from his mouth. Dizziness starts coming out for the sick women. The patient starts to speak the trunk and shouting in the semi-crazy state. If Rohini is asked to look at the light, then it is a problem. Sometimes his body also starts doing unnatural activities. If someone else touches his body, then he is very painful.

   Painful symptoms of disease

    The patient has difficulty breathing, there is pain in the throat, and sometimes there is always pain in any part of the body. Rohini feels like the ball of air is lifted in her stomach. After feeling this, he becomes unconscious. At the time of the spread of the disease, his mental state becomes numb. Before and after the disease, women are feeling pain in the heart area. She often comes gently from her mouth. Rohini is often miserable, and in the body also feels pain somewhere.

   Due to disease

   The woman suffering from hysteria is a major symptom of libido. Apart from this, there is a lack of blood in his body. His digestive power gets polluted. These symptoms are directly or indirectly due to the mourning of the patient in the patient. As a result of these reasons, this disease occurs.

the treatment

       While treating a woman suffering from this disease, first of all, the reasons for her disease and the intensity of the disease should be considered. After that the treatment should start, the patient must always give the assurance that his disease is not a major disease. He will be cured soon. If such thoughts come to the patient's mind. So it is easy to treat. For the treatment, the physician should keep the powder of equal quantity of Brahmi, Jatamansi, Cankhuppi, Azzandha and Balak. The amount of 3 to 5 grams of this powder should be given according to the power of the patient ie Balab. Such quantities should be given twice daily in a day. The medicine can be consumed with milk after meals. This leads to a disease. Because everyday is very difficult, therefore the treatment will last for a long time.

    Complementary treatment

      The doctor should treat Rohini with two teaspoons of Saraswatrava after drinking the above treatment and take it in water. Apart from this, one box of Brahmi Vati and Amarasundari Vati should be recommended in the morning and at night while taking food. Along with this, the patient should refuse to eat such substances which increase the outbreak of air. After doing this therapy, the patient has the possibility of getting sick from the disease. The family members of the patient should also arrange a clean environment, clean clothes and ventilated room for the patient. Her husband should always try that he should talk kindly to the patient, and try his best to avoid his libido at the time of sexual intercourse. Apart from this, the behavior of family members with the victim woman should be goodwill and sympathetic to her. This also increases the chances of improving the mental condition of the patient, and it takes less time to eradicate the disease.

                                                                                                         Jai Ayurveda

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