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Who is Yadav Laloo?                                                                                  

Who is Yadav Laloo?

Why support Lalu Ji?

So let's come to the point of truth and reality in this matter.

Yadav Lalu is the voice of every poor farmer, worker, backward, backward, minority, Dalit Mahadalit.

Yadav is not only Yadav but also leader of all sections. Those who have daily lives like Yadav or even Yadav, will be patched.

Lalu Yadav does not say that we have problems with Rajput and Brahmin.

Yadav lalu says that we face a problem with these criminals. Who suppresses poor people of their race with the lowest campus of each layer?

Raghuvansh Prasad said that Lalu's heart will understand those feelings which he will never leave. And the people .. The race, which is a dissident MLA, after the MP, later a political ABCD started from here (potato institute poltics), which means a lot. There are 75% leaders in Bihar and NDA Lalu products in Bihar. Their list is very long. As long as Lalu says that poor if they are of any class always with me, and atrocities are being done to anyone in the community because it is under torture in the community as we do not look for. Money which is the poorest of tan's power. Will continue with the poor. ,,,, maybe you keep Hogakdesh free when we are all free citizens in an independent country were slavery from the rich for the poorer years of caste in our society too. ,,,,,

If anyone opposed it. So this is just Yadav Laloo. Poor people who encouraged the poor to move forward. Who is a voice who has the knowledge of the poor to live in dignity? This move is only Yadav Laloo. We know that you can not believe,

You will ask this about the result of your ancestors, truth and humanity, which will increase the increased balance.

Today we see that Father Dada Bramhnvadion was not sitting in bed in front of Rudhiwadio and Samntwadiyo, was asking his son and grandchildren ?? Yes, yes, to express Hello, I crave my father today, and said that was the talk, and tell me your ears and listen to the shell you say: - Lalu Prasad backward And with the Kosne Yadav, the Dalit classes should work before you get the senses before 90. How should you sit and ask your family members and baby Samnto Baba Samnto in front of his grandfather and in his pants on the bed how in front of him Mr. joined grandfather and father and say hello to Mr.?

Believer back to Dalit Bihar to take a deaf ear to open the mouth of 72-inch tongue or reverence Lalu Malik, otherwise you will join hands !! Feudal

Lalu is Lalu. No other person has been born or will be someone else.

How many celebrities do not respect them? I tell you (Nitish Ramphilus Chilil Moody) and many other people too. Still have the time ready ...?

Otherwise, Lalu will not be born to raise your voice every day, see our ancestors 90 and above.

You hear his stories too. Sometimes, it takes time to listen and listen to me.

* A slogan is the same war

* Jina Marana with Lalu Ji


                   The hand of the poor

                          With Lalu

                                                                                  Chhotu Kumar Yadav -


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